Bedrock XVII @ XOYO, October 2015

bedrock xoyo

Theres something special to the end of the year, after all the summer festival madness all over the world, its comforting to know the Bedrock birthday party always brings anticipated excitement to those cold autumn nights, moreso in London when there’s anything but sunshine in the sky in October.

This year,  as all the other years that I can remember,  I was acutely aware of Bedrocks birthday coming up,  A  seemingly distant chance of attending, however out of the cold came an opportunity to  enjoy Digweed for 5 hours  at his best.

XOYO is a proper underground club that fits perfectly  with  Digweed at his very best for the duration, think smokey underground with twisted tech-house & prog smashing your senses and you’re not anywhere near how good it is, more so as  it was on Thursday,  so we were guaranteed an up for it Bedrocker crowd, serious prog head/tech-house stalwart clubbers. 

As with all things Bedrock, especially in the capital you can expect the regular Bedrockers to be there from the kickoff; doors opening, myself  included..queue 150 people in front of us at 2205..

After the doors swelled open we  made it in rapidly..the security is one of the most laid back and friendly I have encountered, nothing like Studio 338,  which I had encountered last month for ‘All day I dream’.

After making into the bar area,  the main room was swiftly opened and and a large swathe of  bodies moved down to the main room, Digweed already warming things up.  No sooner had we got into the underground smoke filled layer,  than it felt like 1 a.m. as the room filled up en-masse,  somewhat quickly as I turned to face to bar for a split second.

Digweed wasted absolutely no time whatsoever in cranking things up, it felt like I had been there hours when it was only a matter of minutes as he twisted and turned dirty tech-house and prog smashing the feeling of absolute joy.

No sooner had the night started  with spurious conversations around the dance floor with random people, all equally up for it was the end…where did those 5 hours go? Certainly this shouldn’t be a one off as I know Digweed has hosted nights  at XOYO in the past to great success and for me a perfect match of a true Digweed night, Thursday night @ XOYO is the place to be. A monthly residency  throughout the year…any takers… I am sure there’s a whole smokey filled room at Bedrock more than willing for this!! 


They say a picture paints a  thousand words,   so some of the video footage to paint a few more words, all I can say is.. missed it, MISSED OUT! 😀

(16 video youtube playlist below)

 youtube playlist!! 😀