Top 10 tracks

2015 was another great year for Electronic music encompassing some great tracks from the prog, techno and tech-house world. With so much great music out there it was very hard  to name just 10, however some of my favourite tracks that come to mind for a hot top 10!!

Heard this at Bedrock XVII Digweed dropped it, the place went crazy, awesome remix


Dale Middletons productions are always stellar, this is no exception!


Loved this the first time I heard it, still an awesome track and remix by Guy Mantzur


Monsterous Prog, nothing else to be said courtesy of a Suffused Diary mix earlier in the year!


Epic Deep Progressive, lovely


From the man who can do no wrong, Maceo Plex!


Rick Pier O’Neil is the man for me in 2015, lovely remix


More from RPO, awesome!


One of the biggest tracks of the year from the Bedrock stables from Warren and Mantzur!


Lovely Prog say no more!

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